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A catastrophic injury can affect the whole family – A Mother’s Review of Teggart Injury Law

No mother or father ever wants to receive news that their child has been injured in an accident. The days following are full of unknowns and uncertainties. Dealing with an insurance company can feel overwhelming. All you really want to do is care for your child and tend to their recovery.

Bill and his team at Teggart Injury Law want families to focus on their loved one’s recovery. We are proud of the work we do for our clients. We are also proud of the support we provide to their families. Our team is specialized. We help families navigate the complex auto insurance system. We connect clients with highly trained and qualified medical and rehabilitation experts. We ensure our clients fully understand the litigation process. This level of client care allows families to focus on recovery.

Judy Plewa is the loving mother of Pauly Plewa who sustained a catastrophic spinal cord injury in a tragic accident.  She and her husband Andy called Teggart Injury Law in the days following Pauly’s accident. From the very first home visit Bill encouraged Judy and Andy to focus on their son. He assured them his team would handle the rest and he kept his word. He earned their trust and delivered on his promises. In her video review, Judy Plewa shares her experience of why calling Teggart Injury Law was the best call she ever made.  Watch her video review of Teggart Injury Law here:

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