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Motor vehicle accidents, boating accidents, snowmobile accidents and slip and falls result in thousands of serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries in Canada each year.  The results are often life changing.   Some of the most critical decisions happen when yourself or a loved one remains in hospital or trauma centre.

Most Canadians are unaware of the rights and claims you can make as a direct result of these injuries.  They may end up missing deadlines and paying medical bills out of pocket.

Teggart injury law focuses on severe cases of brain injury, spinal cord injury, traumatic amputation and complex orthopaedic injury – our team handles all aspects of your insurance claims, from ensuring you receive the insurer-funded treatment you require to maximizing your financial compensation.   With our help, you have peace of mind knowing that your financial future is protected.   Take the step and contact us for a free consultation.

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Brain Injury

When it comes to serious injuries, brain injury is perhaps one of the most complex. Traumatic brain injuries may require multiple medical assessments, years of rehabilitation and can result in lifelong care.

We understand that every brain injury is unique and each experience is different for our injured clients. We take the time to learn about the injury and match our clients with highly skilled and trusted rehabilitation professionals. By investing this additional time, our team can ensure that you have the right care in place from the beginning, saving valuable time and energy where it’s needed most.

From a legal perspective, we ensure that your rights are protected so that you can focus on the one thing you want the most: recovery.

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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are life altering. Mobility impairments, psychological wellbeing and neuropathic pain can have a catastrophic impact on a person’s ability to earn an income and provide for their family in the future. Likewise, home and vehicle modifications and assistive devices are often required. You need a team in place with extensive experience helping spinal cord injury survivors recover their independence.

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Amputations are similar to other severe injuries while having their own set of hurdles including functional impairments, chronic pain and emotional challenges resulting in financial strains on an amputee. 

According to Ontario law, impairment from an amputation of a limb is considered a catastrophic injury.  This opens additional rehabilitation options available to an amputee.  Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure that you receive the full compensation and care that you require. 

Doctors have made many medical advances in the development of highly functional prosthetic devices.   We work with prosthetists, your medical team and the Assistive Devices Program to ensure you receive the best prosthesis available however prostheses come at a hefty price.   Our goal at Teggart Personal Injury Lawyers is to lift the burden of those additional costs.  We want our clients to have the peace of mind in knowing they have the funds to pay for the goods and services they require.  

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Complex Orthopaedic Injury

Complex orthopaedic injuries are common following car crashes, motorcycle crashes, sporting accidents, ATV and snowmobile accidents. Broken hips, ankles, knees and vertebrae often require surgery involving involving plates, screws and pins. Even with an excellent recovery there is probably a risk of developing post-traumatic arthritis. Some will require many surgeries and ultimately joint replacement surgery followed by months of rehabilitation.

From a legal perspective, we understand that orthopaedic injuries can lead to pain, loss of income and the need for expensive rehabilitation. Our job is to level the playing field helping you and your family recovery money to pay for lost wages and expensive rehabilitation.

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