Bill has said it before, “Building a world-class firm from the ground up will be an on-growing process.”

If you’ve been following Team Teggart on our Facebook page, you will have seen our story unfold from Day One. We’ve been working with limited furniture (BYOC = Bring Your Own Chair to meetings), creating new systems and moving forward little by little to bring a vision of building a world-class law firm to life. We’re making small, but steady progress… and then we experience a set back, like yesterday’s news that our furniture (which we were expecting this week), may take yet another two weeks before it arrives.

It’s a good time to pause and consider our progress – a lot has been done – and the things that have surprised us, both good and bad, about setting up the office. Team Teggart weighs in.

Nancy Teggart, Business Administration Manager, breaks it down like this:

The good – I love the challenge of learning new processes, especially with numbers, from accounting systems to payroll these are all new programs for me to learn. The best part is working again. After 2+ years off, it’s nice to be back to work. And what a Team I get to work with Helen, Loreli and yes, even my husband, Bill.

The bad – timelines! Everything takes longer than you think and never seems to arrive on time. My new way of thinking, thanks to Loreli, “Hope for everything, expect nothing!”

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Helen Barsby, our Accident Benefits Manager, says:

I’m surprised at how much I miss the familiarity and comforts of stepping into a well-established office. However, setting up an office from scratch is an adventure in which you can create something spectacular. Helen quote

Loreli Cockram, Client Relations Coordinator, chimes in:

I shouldn’t be, but I’m surprised by the effort it takes to implement new technology. It’s one thing to say you want a machine that does it all… but then it has to be ordered, installed, everyone gets trained and then we climb that learning curve… in order to be able to do things more efficiently. 😉 I’m also thrilled to have a voice in the set up and culture of the firm. Bill continually encourages all of us to have our say, not just in the office procedures, but in the vision of the firm as well.

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As for Bill Teggart, our founder,

The most surprising thing… has been the feeling of liberation it gives me. Bringing a vision to reality in such a very personal way is so fulfilling. Just as important, being able to share the experience with Nancy, Loreli and Helen, who have contributed so much, has been amazing. Each day, each of them inspires me. While the process is teaching me patience, there are days (like yesterday) when I have to wrestle my natural sense of impatience to the ground. Bill Quote 2 Team Teggart is eager for good things ahead, including adding another team member next week! (We’ve decided that it will be good initiation for our new team member to start her first week without furniture.) Stay tuned for that news. In the meantime, we pause and reflect on our little victories, this amazing on-growing process, and, in short, how all of this – the positive and the negative – is teaching us not only to claim, but to embrace the true meaning of our Circle of Hope – Courage, Perseverance, Hope We hope you will continue with us on our journey. WJT Courage Wheel Wordmark Outlines (new)

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