People looking for an expert personal injury lawyer following a serious injury are just like anyone else looking for any other type of service provider: they ask around, google and read Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews.  Whether looking for anyone from carpenters to dentists, people understandably want to hear from others before they make that first call.


Real People, Real Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

When I am looking for a particular service provider online, I ignore the businesses at the top of the search rankings as I know they paid to be there. I don’t want to be a nameless client of a “big box” organization. Rather, I want an expert who will apply his/her skill and deliver on their promises.  So, I ask around and read the reviews. I have to admit that in some instances however, I find myself asking if the particular service provider wrote the review themselves!

With this in mind we want to offer real reviews by real former clients with as little editing as possible. Over the past few weeks we have published handwritten reviews by former clients of Teggart Injury Law. We have also published video reviews of Teggart Injury Law by former clients. We filmed them with a simple camcorder to keep them as real as possible. We asked our former clients some questions and recorded their honest answers.  You can read or watch our previous reviews of Teggart Personal Injury Law here:


Kevin Rempel

Our final video review of 2016 is from former client and and good friend Canadian Paralympian, Kevin Rempel. Many of our followers will be familiar with Kevin’s story. Without ruining the story for you, he suffered many difficult challenges at an early age including a traumatic spinal cord injury.  Despite his challenges, he went on to win a bronze medal in Sledge Hockey for Team Canada in the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

Kevin didn’t stop there.  He’s recently penned an autobiography entitled “Still Standing” detailing the challenges he faced and how he dealt with them. We recommend it to anyone looking for some inspiration in facing life’s challenges.  You can buy Kevin’s book here:

Today, Kevin is not only an author, he is an inspirational speaker and founder of “The Sledge Hockey Experience”. Through the Sledge Hockey Experience, Kevin helps leaders build stronger teams and embrace diversity.  If you are looking for a corporate team building event we recommend Kevin’s Sledge Hockey Experience.  To watch a video about Kevin’s Sledge Hockey Experience and to learn more about it click here:


Kevin’s Review of Teggart Injury Law

Kevin was good enough to provide us an honest review of Teggart Injury Law and the things that someone needs to know following a serious accident.  Watch his video review here:


Author: Bill Teggart

Bill Teggart is a leading Ontario personal injury lawyer and has been included in Best Lawyers in Canada for five consecutive years. He represents people who have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one in car accidents, snowmobile accidents and boating accidents.