You’ll be surprised with this sort of advice coming from a personal injury lawyer.

I’m not an advocate for insurance companies. Quite the contrary. My professional life is spent advocating on behalf of injured people and many times suing insurance companies for denied or terminated benefits.

Buy Optional Car Insurance Benefits

Yet the advice I give my friends and family and people close to me is to buy optional car insurance benefits!

Why? You see, what many people don’t know is that in 2010 a change in the law cut in half their basic so-called no-fault car insurance benefits unless they bought optional benefits or suffered a catastrophic injury. Yes, cut them in half.

Many people are unwittingly making a big mistake by not buying optional benefits. They sign up for the basic coverage they had before and don’t realize that they now have only half the coverage.

Imagine how it would feel

Every day in my legal practice I see the devastating fallout from this change in the law. I see seriously injured people running out of money to pay for the care they need after a car crash. Imagine how it would feel to be unable to afford the care that you need to get back to work and the life you had before a car crash. It can happen as early as a few months after a car accident.

Don’t put you and your children at risk

Some of you may think, “I’m not worried about that because it will never happen to me so why pay more for car insurance? I’ll take the risk.

While you may be willing to take the risk, what about your children? Are you willing to take the risk on behalf of your children? Your children are covered under your car insurance policies also. Do we want to put them at risk by not having enough insurance to cover their health care costs if they are injured in a car crash?

So, the question you have to ask yourself is this: Do you want to put yourself and your family at risk by not buying optional car insurance benefits or would we rather have the peace of mind of knowing that their medical and rehabilitation expenses will be covered if they are injured in a car crash?

Give your car insurance company a call. You may be surprised at how little peace of mind costs.

Author: Bill Teggart

Bill Teggart is a leading Ontario personal injury lawyer and has been included in Best Lawyers in Canada for five consecutive years. He represents people who have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one in car accidents, snowmobile accidents and boating accidents.