Having kids changes us.  For me, having my daughter, and going back to work as a Senior Independent Insurance Adjuster changed my whole outlook on my professional life. Having a child helped me define my life’s path.

I had held numerous high level positions in many different insurance companies across Canada. From Accident Benefits Adjuster to Insurance Agent, to Independent Adjuster, I had experienced the car insurance industry from the inside out.

I did my best to balance the interests of the injured person and at the same time tried to serve my employers. It was difficult at times, a real juggling act. Over time, I began to realize that the insurance business was just that: a business. I carried so many cases that it was very difficult to see people as people, as opposed to a claim number. In some cases, I found that I couldn’t understand why I was being instructed to take certain actions that didn’t make sense to me. While I still stand by all of my decisions, I knew I had to get out.

To be clear, there are very good people in the insurance industry and some good insurers. That said, it wasn’t a good fit for me.

I always believed one cannot complain about something but not do anything about it. I believe that by our actions we can be proactive and promote hope.

I realized I had to take responsibility for my life’s path. Having my daughter turned things around for me, giving me a much-needed change in perspective. With my new perspective I realized that I was better suited to serving people. Real people, not institutions. I believe that my role as a mother was also suited as helper. Having two children changed my views on how I believed things should be in my work life and in the world.

So I “jumped ship” and took on a position as an Accident Benefits Manager, with a view to helping injured people. My role is to ensure that injured clients have access to the benefits that they are entitled to under an insurance contract.

One advantage I found from the outset was that I knew the inner workings of the insurance industry. My experience on the insurance side had prepared me well for what I faced. I found that I was able to predict what an insurer’s response would be to certain issues and prepare for that response ahead of time. My clients became the beneficiaries of my 10 years of experience working for insurance.

What a difference switching sides was for me! It is difficult to put words to the gratification that comes from helping an injured person recover a semblance of the life that they once had. Whether it is something as small as ensuring they receive their income benefit cheque on time, to something far bigger like securing a newly modified home for a client with a spinal cord injury who could no longer access their home – it makes me feel good.

Author: webteam