Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury litigation is one of our three main practice areas. Complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries, including quadriplegia (also known as tetraplegia) and paraplegia have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life and ability to care for themselves. They can cause catastrophic physical impairments including paralysis, mobility impairments, bowel and bladder dysfunction, chronic neuropathic pain and difficulty breathing. We have extensive experience helping clients with spinal cord injuries recovering from a financial, physical and psychological perspective.

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The Road to Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury

Physical, Psychological and Financial

Following spinal cord injury our role is twofold. First, we assemble a team of expert health care providers to help our clients rehabilitate from a physical, and psychological perspective. Second, we pursue financial compensation on behalf of our clients to pay for their losses including: past and future loss of income, the cost of care, housekeeping and pain and suffering.

Spinal Cord Injury may result from a variety of incidents all of which we have extensive experience with:

– Car accidents
– Motorcycle accidents
– E-bike accidents
– ATV accidents
– Drunk driving
– Trucking accidents
– Pedestrian accidents
– Snowmobile accidents
– Boating accidents
– Slip and falls

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Frequently Asked Questions

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On your first call to our office, our Client Relations Coordinator will answer your call. After learning you are a potential new client she will transfer you to a person who will speak to you about the accident and injuries you or your family member suffered. We receive many calls and referrals and want to ensure we understand what happened to you or your family member.

Following your call to our office, we will call you within 24 hours and advise you if we think we may be able to help you and your loved one. We will arrange a mutually convenient time for you and your family to meet Bill in the hospital, your home or our offices.

No doubt all of your thoughts right now are focused on the health of your loved one. Yet at this point there is little you can do for them from a medical perspective as the medical professionals do their jobs. Personal injury lawyers are probably the furthest thing from your mind.

From a legal perspective however, there is something that you can do that will help. It sounds rather self-serving but, the best advice is to contact us. A good rule of thumb to follow is this: The more seriously injured your loved one the faster you should contact us.

There are a number of reasons. First is that we will want to investigate how the accident happened. This may include interviewing police officers and independent witnesses. We may want our expert forensic engineers to examine the scene of the accident along with any vehicles involved. Many times they are able to download information from the so-called “black box” of a vehicle. This gives us important information about the speed and behavior of the drivers involved. We cannot solely rely on the police investigation as they are looking at things from a different perspective and many times their investigations are incomplete.

Waiting to call us means that you run the risk of important evidence disappearing or being destroyed and therefore damaging your loved ones’ case. Skid marks on the road fade. Witnesses disappear or phone numbers are lost. Vehicles are sent to the scrap yard and destroyed. We need as much of this evidence as possible to win the case.

The second reason to contact us soon after a serious accident is so that we can help make arrangements for you or your loved ones’ discharge from the hospital. Usually, seriously injured people will require devices and accommodations in their home following their discharge from hospital. Many will require interim housing arrangements while their home is modified to accommodate their needs. We work with a network of expert health care professionals who can assist you and your family with these matters.

At the same time however, hospital discharge plans are unpredictable and depend on patient needs and bed space availability; in other words, you could find yourself being discharged with no accommodations in place at home or no interim housing arrangements. That’s why it’s important to contact us very early after serious injury; so our team can assist you in making these arrangements.

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