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Here is a sampling of written testimonials from some of our former clients and their family members. These are real people who distrusted lawyers and didn’t want to be involved in the legal process. But they or their family members called us while they were in hospital because their injuries were so serious and futures so uncertain.  We earned their trust.  Call us today and let us earn your trust.

(My wife) and I wanted to thank you so much for caring the way you do. It is easy to just do your job and get results, but when people like you and your staff do your jobs, and care about your clients it is above and beyond and it shows. It shouldn’t be above and beyond however in this current climate we all live in, it is too true that many don’t care any longer. I know S feels the same way and his respect for you and your opinion I think was obvious throughout these last 4 years.
I hope and pray I never know of anyone else in a tragic accident, but if I do I won’t hesitate to recommend you and your firm.

Tom, Barrie, Ontario

Mr. Teggart,
No words can express how greatly thankful we are for having our Mom with us strong and healthy. The happiness felt after having years of agony cannot be defined further. Fear of the unknown without knowing and not being able to see her real condition brings confusion and all we got was hope that the news heard was “she is well” was real.​

Having Ma around us, getting to see her walk and able to do things despite everything she had been through was a blessing and we are grateful for having you and your team around her during the days of her pain. We would like to extend how thankful our family is to you and your team for everything, every effort, your time and energy. For providing her needs and most, for giving her care comfort and understanding.​
We cannot name everything and your team have done but may the Lord bless you and everyone thousand folds. Thank you once again. God Bless.​

Christine, Barrie, Ontario

Bill Teggart saved my life. Without his efforts, the life I wanted to live, but could not achieve on my own, would surely have been lost. Instead of feeling alone and helpless throughout the past 4.5 years, I felt supported, respected and cared for. Bill did an outstanding job. He always took the time to address any of my questions and concerns. He always made sure I had a clear understanding of the procedures and expectations. He always made my family and me a priority.
Having an Accident Benefits Specialist assist me with my out of pocket expense claims and dealing with the insurance adjuster took a huge weight off my shoulders.

Bill always spoke to me in a way that was clear and easy to understand – which was so important to me during these overwhelming, emotional times.

Words like “Thank You” are an understatement. Bill saved my life. Bill is an incredible person and I recommend him to anyone that needs help.

Megan, Beamsville, Ontario

Mr. Teggart,
On behalf of our family I would like to congratulate you and your team for winning our mother’s case. Thank you for giving all the effort, understanding and your best in the case.

​​​We feel honoured because we know that God was the one who provided a good team, and a good lawyer like you to handle my mother’s case. So for that I thank the Lord, likewise I thank you Sir. ​​​
We pray that God will give you and your team more wisdom and strength to help those who are in need. May he be with all of you always in every success and challenge that you may come through. We know that with all of those pure hearts, God will never forsake you. Instead he will let every child of his prosper. ​​​
Again, we give our greatest gratitude for being with our mom during her years of struggle. May God be with you and your family all of the time.​​​

Apryl, Barrie, Ontario

Bill and everybody on his team were amazing to work with. They were always there to help and always available when I needed to talk to someone or had questions that needed answers. They made my horrible accident a lot less stressful!

Amy, Midland, Ontario

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