If you are reading this blog post, it means that you may have clicked on a link from one of our social media platforms, either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Good work! That means you have social media savvy! Your participation by following the link to our blog and joining the conversation is key to our social media efforts.

Some of you may have asked yourself what our firm is trying to achieve on our various social media platforms. We want to take some time today to let you in on our goals and how you can help.

As a starting point, it’s important for you to know that service to others is an important element to the vision for our firm. Our goal is to serve our clients, serve the health care provider community, and to serve each other.

Our vision doesn’t end there, though. We truly believe that we have something of value to give to the grass roots online community. That means we want the average person who sees our updates in their news feed, to be happy they did and enriched because of it.

We want to empower people with helpful information. Information that can help them or their loved ones prevent injuries and accidents, make intelligent choices about the insurance options, and know where to turn if they are in need of help.

Along the way, we want to get to know you and, hopefully, you will get to know us, so that if a question does arise, you know who to call. Like every relationship, there are always two sides and we see your input as important.

In the weeks and months ahead, you can follow our story and our efforts to give you valuable information. How can you help?…

Here are some simple social media steps you can take to join the Team Teggart team and help spread the word:

  • Like our social media pages on your favourite platforms:
    • Facebook – Hover over the Like button and select “Get Notifications” or “Show in Newsfeed” so you don’t miss our updates
    • Twitter – Follow us for regular blog posts or tag @TeamTeggart with your questions or comments.
    • LinkedIn – Connect with us here for up-to-date news and information.
  • Like, Comment on or Share those articles and updates that resonate with you and/or may be helpful to others.
  • Give us your feedback – you have a perspective that is valuable to us. We always appreciate your thoughts!
  • Contact us and ask for help if you or your love one has been critically injured in a car accident.

Social media offers an effective way for you to join our Circle of Hope. It starts with a click!

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